5 Best Fleet Fuel Cards of 2023

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Executive Summary

Fuel cards can help every small business owner save money on business-related transportation. Whether you have a fleet of one commuter vehicle, or own a whole trucking business, there's a gas card for you. Here are our top 5 picks to help you get the most out of your gas costs.

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As costs continue to rise for almost everything, many business owners are looking for new ways to save. One option, if your business purchases fuel regularly, is to start using business gas cards. While a no-brainer for truckers and other kinds of fleet owners, they can also help various other small businesses to lower their fuel expenses. But, where can you find the best fleet fuel cards of 2022? We’ve reviewed a lineup of card options to find out. Read on to learn more about fleet fuel cards and the five that topped our list!

What are fleet fuel cards?

A fleet fuel card is a charge card or credit card that business owners provide to their employees. The employees can then use the cards to purchase fuel along their routes and the owners pay them off.

Fleet fuel card providers often offer discounts or rebates on each gallon of fuel purchased. Additionally, many offer other features like roadside assistance, spending controls, mobile apps to find the lowest fuel prices, and more.

However, all fleet fuel cards aren’t the same. They vary in the discounts or rebates offered, the gas stations you can use, fees, eligibility requirements, and other perks. So which is best for your business?

5 best fleet fuel cards of 2022

After reviewing a lineup of fleet fuel cards and card providers, here are the 5 that came out on top!

1. AtoB Fleet Fuel Card: Best Overall Fleet Fuel Card

About the card provider: AtoB is a technology company that’s building payment infrastructure for the transportation industry. Among other offerings, such as payroll services, the company offers fleet fuel charge cards.


  • Can be used at 99% of U.S. fuel stations (where Visa is accepted)
  • Average savings of $0.10 to $0.15 per gallon, (discounts up to $0.25 are available)
  • Regularly reports to Experian business credit bureau
  • Can use for business fuel and other vehicle-related business expenses
  • Administrators can set card limits
  • No business credit score required
  • 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email with an average wait time of 29 seconds
  • No personal guarantee requirement


  • Must have proof of revenue for three months to qualify
  • Sole proprietors, unincorporated partnerships, and non-U.S. companies are not eligible
  • The cards are charge cards that must be repaid in full every month

Card summary

Why did the AtoB card top our list? For starters, it’s accepted anywhere Visa is accepted, so drivers won’t be limited to a certain gas station network. Additionally, it offers one of the highest reward rates, saving companies an average of $0.10 to $0.15 per gallon. It’s also one of the easier cards to get approved for, it doesn’t require a personal guarantee, and it regularly reports to the Experian business credit bureau.

On the downside, the AtoB card is a charge card with a seven day billing cycle, so it must be paid off in full every week. Additionally, to be eligible, you’ll need to have a qualifying business structure along with at least three months of revenue (which isn’t too hard to meet). From there, approval appears to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Bottom line

The AtoB card is worth considering for all eligible companies with fuel expenses. It offers high savings per gallon, low costs, and flexible eligibility requirements.

2. Pilot Axle Fuel Card: Best for Diesel or Mixed Fuel Fleets and Driver Perks

About the card provider: Pilot Flying J (PFJ) is a North American chain of truck stops. It offers a variety of services to help fleet owners such as fleet fuel cards, factoring, virtual lumper payments, and truck maintenance bundles.


  • Network of 800+ fueling locations
  • You save $0.10 on every gallon of fuel
  • Drivers also earn rewards points (worth $37.50 per month, on average)
  • Credit card that allows you to carry a balance
  • Includes truck maintenance and roadside assistance at 35+ Southern Tire Mart service locations
  • Other driver perks include promotions, free shower credits, and free drinks for drivers
  • Reports to Dun & Bradstreet


  • Cards are only for fuel-related purchases
  • Limited to Pilot, Flying J, and One9 Fuel Network locations
  • Gas-only fleets are not eligible
  • PushforPoints program requires monthly activation by members
  • Qualifying is harder— the company has a competitive industry standard for credit score requirements

Card summary

Pilot Flying J has more than 800 locations across 44 U.S. states and six Canadian provinces, making it the largest operator of travel centers in North America. Drivers can stop in to refuel, but can also access fresh meals, reservable showers, clean restrooms, and spaces to park their vehicles. By opting for the company’s Pilot Axle fuel card, fleet owners can save on fuel bought at Pilot Flying J stations, while drivers can enjoy perks from the travel centers and rewards program.

The card itself is competitive with discounts of $0.10 on fuel. Further, it offers truck maintenance and roadside assistance benefits through over 35 Southern Tire Mart locations. As for the costs, the Pilot Axle Fuel card doesn’t have any annual or setup fees. However, it’s a credit card so interest charges will apply if you let a balance carry over beyond the billing cycle.

A few drawbacks to note—the card is only available to diesel and mixed fuel fleets. It will also be harder to qualify for as the company follows the competitive industry standard for credit score requirements. Further, for drivers to max out their points, they’ll have to opt in every month, which is a bit inconvenient.

Bottom line

The Pilot Axle Fuel Card packs a lot of value for business owners and their drivers. It will be a good fit if you’re a fan of Pilot Flying J and have a diesel or mixed-fuel fleet that travels long distances.

3. Chevron and Texaco Business Card: Best for Chevron and Texaco Loyalists and Small Businesses

About the card provider: The Chevron and Texaco Business Card program is administered by Wex. If you aren’t familiar with Wex, it’s a reputable payment technology company that specializes in fleet payment systems. This card is accepted at nearly 8,000 Chevron and Texaco locations across the U.S.


  • Accepted at nearly 8,000 Chevron and Texaco locations
  • Save $0.05 per gallon if you apply by January 23, 2023
  • No setup or annual fees
  • Credit card that allows you to carry a balance
  • Comes with exclusive discounts on hotels, auto parts, and more
  • Advanced spending control options
  • Driver ID and odometer readings are required at the pump
  • Online and mobile app account access
  • Available for small businesses without fleets
  • Reports to Dun & Bradstreet


  • Limited to Chevron and Texaco gas stations
  • No rewards program for drivers
  • The $0.05 rebate is a special limited-time offer that may be changed or withdrawn

Card summary

The Chevron and Texaco Business card is a good choice if your fleet tends to refuel at Chevron and Texaco stations. It has a far-reaching network of 8,000 stations and currently comes with a $0.05 per gallon rebate.

The card provider also offers advanced spending controls so you can ensure you stick to your budget. You can set limits on fuel types, dollar amounts, the time of day transactions are allowed, and more. Advanced data capture also eliminates the need for paper recipes. You can log in and view all of your purchases along with automatically generated reports.

It’s also worth noting that this card is not limited to large fleet operations or specific fuel types. If you have a small business that requires local transportation for business purposes, this could be a good card for you and your employees. On the downside, the rebate is a special offer, so you have to sign up by January 2023 to get it and there are no promises on how long it will last.

Bottom line

The Chevron and Texaco Business card can be a good fit for fleets and small businesses that frequent Chevron and Texaco stations. It also offers advanced spending control.

4. Shell Small Business: Best for Shell Loyalists and Jiffy Lube Discounts

About the card provider: Shell is a well-known brand in the energy industry with a network of nearly 13,000 gas stations across the U.S. It offers a lineup of three fleet card options. The Shell Small Business card falls in the middle, offering a good balance of the available perks.


  • Acceptance at nearly 13,000 Shell stations
  • Rebates of up to $0.05 per gallon
  • Credit card that allows you to carry a balance
  • No annual or setup fees
  • 15% discount at participating Jiffy Lube locations
  • Roadside assistance through National Automobile Club (NAC)
  • Purchase control and detailed reporting
  • Online fleet management
  • Reports to Dun & Bradstreet


  • Rebates are tiered ranging from $0.01 to $0.05, depending on the gallons of fuel purchased
  • Rebates are lower than those offered by some of the competing cards
  • Not accepted outside of Shell stations (Shell does offer a card that’s accepted at 95% of gas stations but it comes with additional fees)

Card summary

If you’re loyal to Shell gas stations and know they’re available along the routes your drivers take, this card can be a good solution. It doesn’t have any start-up or annual fees so you won’t have to worry about card costs eating into your rebates. Speaking of rebates, they range from $0.01 up to $0.05, depending on how many gallons are purchased each billing cycle.

On the downside, some of the other cards offer bigger discounts without the tiers. But this card also offers a 15% discount at participating Jiffy Lube which can help to cut down on your fleet’s service costs. You’ll also get free roadside assistance through the NAC, 24/7 customer service, and detailed online reporting.

Bottom line

The Shell Small Business card can be a good fleet fuel card for drivers who frequent Shell stations and fleet owners who want to save on service costs. If you prefer a charge card, the Shell Fleet Plus card is very similar but doesn’t allow for balances to carry over.

5. Valero Fleet Card: Best for Valero Loyalists and Exclusive Discounts

About the card provider: Valero is a manufacturer and marketer of transportation fuels and petrochemical products. It’s also a joint venture partner in Diamond Green Diesel, which is North America’s largest diesel plant. The company partnered with Wex to offer fleet fuel cards, including the one that made this list—The Valero Fleet Card.


  • Accepted at over 5,000 Valero locations
  • Rebates up to $0.08 per gallon
  • Credit card that allows you to carry a balance
  • No setup, annual, or monthly fees
  • Exclusive discounts on auto parts, hotels, and more
  • Employee spending and expense tracking
  • Online and mobile real-time account management
  • Reports to Dun & Bradstreet


  • Limited to the Valero network of fuel stations (unless you upgrade to the Valero Fleet Plus card with added fees)
  • Rebate rates are tiered based on the number of gallons purchased
  • No rewards program for drivers

Card summary

The Valero Fleet Card is designed for companies that plan to refuel exclusively at Valero stations. You can earn rebates on fuel purchases up to $0.08 per gallon, however, they are tiered based on the number of gallons purchased in a month.

This card is a credit card, so it allows you to carry balances over past a billing cycle. However, interest charges will apply if you don’t pay off your balance in full each month. Beyond that, cardholders may gain access to exclusive discounts on hotels, auto parts, and more. Additionally, fleet owners can manage their accounts online or from a mobile device.

If you prefer Valero but also want the card to be accepted at up to 95% of U.S. gas stations, you can opt for the Valero Fleet Plus card but will have to pay additional card fees.

Bottom line

If you’re happy to have your drivers refuel exclusively at Valero stations, this Wex card can offer competitive rebates—especially after 50,000 miles are driven in a month. You’ll also get access to a variety of exclusive discounts.

How did we compare fleet fuel cards?

To find the best fleet fuel cards, we compared a lineup of card offerings from various providers. For each card, we reviewed the eligibility requirements, gas station network, rewards rate, fees, and APRs (when applicable). We also considered whether or not a personal guarantee was required and looked at which business credit reporting agencies the companies report to.

With all of that data, we were able to identify the offerings that stood out from the pack. Some of the other cards we considered that didn’t quite make the list include the Wex Flexcard, The Fuelman Deep Saver Fleet card, and the BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Program.

Frequently asked questions about fleet fuel cards

Still have questions? You’re not the only one. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about fleet fuel cards.

Why does it matter if the fleet fuel card provider reports to a business credit bureau?

When a card provider reports to a business credit bureau, it can help your business build a positive credit line. As your business credit grows, you can get better rates and terms from lenders, suppliers, landlords, and more.

Are fleet fuel cards worth it?

Fleet fuel cards provide fleet owners with discounts that can cut down on their fuel costs. However, whether a card is worth it or not will depend on the card’s costs, the value it provides, and if it suits your specific needs.

To get the most out of a fleet fuel card, you should look for one with low costs, high returns, and gas stations that are located along your driver’s common routes.

What is the easiest fleet fuel card to get?

One of the easiest fleet fuel cards to get is the card from AtoB. The provider doesn’t require a business credit score or personal guarantee. You’ll only need an EIN, a driver’s license, and proof of three months of business revenue. The Valero Fleet card and Speedway Business fleet card also seem to be good entry-level cards that are easy to get.

Which fuel card is the best?

Our pick for the best fleet fuel card overall is the card offered by AtoB. It offers the highest rewards of any card we reviewed and is also universally accepted (no specific restrictions on gas stations). Further, it can be used for all vehicle expenses—not just gas—and has lenient eligibility requirements.

How much does a fleet fuel card cost?

The majority of fleet fuel cards don’t have an annual fee, monthly fee, or setup fee. However, you will often incur fees if you don’t pay your balance on time. Additionally, if the card is a credit card (versus a charge card), you’ll be charged interest if you carry a balance beyond your billing cycle. The amount you’re charged will depend on the annual percentage rate (APR) assigned to your account. You’ll have to read the terms and conditions of the card you’re considering to understand your exact costs.

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