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Get ERTC Funds

Employee Retention Tax Credits are designed to help small business owners retain employees. Are you eligible for ERTC funds? Find out for free, by applying online below! Get funds faster than waiting on the IRS.
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Frequently asked questions about ERTC

Everything you need to know about ERTC
What is the Employee Retention Tax Credit (aka ERTC)?
ERTC stands for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. Basically, it is an IRS tax credit that is designed to encourage small businesses to retain employees – especially during these difficult times. The credit works by refunding payroll costs already incurred by small business owners.

If you receive ERTC funds, there is no requirement to pay back those funds. Similar to the stimulus checks that many individuals and businesses have received in recent years. Any business entity under 500 employees are eligible to apply and might qualify – including non-profits and start-ups.
What if my business claimed PPP?
Don’t sweat it – your business might still be eligible.

Many people think PPP borrowers aren’t eligible for the ERTC.

New rules allow eligible businesses to claim the credit retroactively. This empowers small business owners to claim both PPP and ERTC to get the aid and support they need.
How do I know if I qualify?
The simplest way to find out if you qualify for ERTC funds is to apply online in minutes: ERTC Funding App

See if you're eligible – apply for ERTC funds online in minutes here.

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Get ERTC funds faster than waiting for the IRS. Free to apply!
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