Teaming Up with Highnote and Mastercard to Introduce the Tillful Card

Executive Summary

Today we announced we're working with Highnote and Mastercard to introduce the Tillful Card, a new, first-of-its-kind business credit card purpose-built for SMB owners to help increase their access to credit and growth capital. Tillful gives Main Street SMBs access to a new kind of business credit score–using real time, alternative transaction data–along with previously unavailable credit-building tools and services, including now the Tillful Card. Launching in early 2022, the Tillful Card aims to help new and emerging businesses as well as underrepresented owners of small businesses. This historically “credit invisible” segment of SMB borrowers tends to face more challenges to stay in business due to lack of credit history, which decreases their access to credit from lenders. Get early access to the Tillful Card✨
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