Senior DevOps Engineer

Job Description

We seek an ambitious and self-motivated engineer to join our core DevOps team with many years of on premise and cloud based (AWS) Linux infrastructure experience, building infrastructure configuration as code (Terraform), Automating tasks (Jenkins), Troubleshooting infrastructure and various in-house applications (nginx/Gunicorn/Python/PostgreSQL) 

As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for: 

  • Building on our existing SPA, native app, and python backend CI/CD pipelines and formalizing code deployment processes for efficiency, security, and regulatory compliance. 
  • Using Terraform to formalize and codify infrastructure requirements on AWS.
  • Ensuring high availability of containerized services running on AWS (as Kubernetes cluster), as well as complete visibility into all services using robust error reporting and logging facilities. 
  • Managing a framework to provide each service with common facilities: logging, database setup, error handling, configuration management, etc. 
  • Managing internal user roles for accessing infrastructure and databases according to the principles of least privilege with comprehensive auditing capabilities. 
  • Aiding in our efforts to maintain regulatory compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Building automation and tooling software to assist in the above responsibilities.
  • Ensuring our systems are secure and efficient.

You should be: 

  • Curious to learn and assimilate information quickly, enthusiastic to share and teach others.
  • Keenly analytical about problem-solving. 
  • An outstanding communicator with sound interpersonal skills. 
  • Strongly interested in technology and continuous learning. 
  • Able to work autonomously and resourcefully in a fast-paced startup environment. 

You should have: 

  • 8+ years of professional software development experience. 
  • 5+ years of demonstrable experience maintaining and evolving infrastructure using automation.
  • Experience with or exposure to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Git, Jenkins and container-based continuous-integration & deployment pipelines.
  • Proven track record of collaboration with a variety of decision-makers to drive impact.


Company Profile 

Flowcast is a rapidly growing, series A, remote-friendly fintech company. Our AI solution helps to automate credit risk assessment in SME finance which otherwise is a manual and costly process. Our existing clients are large financial institutions and corporations such as Standard Chartered, ING, and Nike. Our enterprise solution is a machine learning (ML) solution to automate credit decisions. We are backed by VCs including ING Ventures, BitRock Capital, Katalyst Ventures, Startx, among others. 

We recently launched a new product called Tillful, a business credit platform to help business owners build stronger business credit and stay on top of their financial health. Unlike traditional business credit bureaus that rely on static data, we leverage real-time financial and bank transaction data. We are rewiring how business credit is done. Tillful is powered by an AI credit risk engine that we've developed from years of developing AI-based credit models for lenders and banks.